Burgess Hill Creative Community is made up of a group of members who are all interested in expressing themselves through various creative media. Every person is creative in some way or another, you just need to try different arts & crafts to find out which fits with you most naturally and then find your own technique, flair, and style as an individual. BHCC is the place to try something new to you, make mistakes, learn from them, grow, push yourself and achieve something exciting.


BHCC always likes to hear about new creative activities that its members have tried, or have knowledge in. We look forwards to members sharing their skills & knowhow with other members, so please let us know: –

  1. What other arts & crafts have you tried & you liked?
  2. Do you have expertise in another activity which potentially you might like to share with other BHCC members? Say through a taster day!
  3. Or would you like to assist a group that is already running or volunteer to run an additional similar session at a different time slotThis is your community creative space, and you can help shape it and nurture its growth. If you would like to discuss a new craft / art session, volunteering or having a taster day even, please talk to a Trustee of BHCC.


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How to get involved volunteering with The Burgess Hill Creative Community:

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