PDF Projector Pattern Cutting

PDF Projector Pattern Cutting

We are very grateful to have received funding from the Arthur & Doreen Green Fund at the Sussex Community Foundation, which meant we could purchase a projector. Having the use of one in the workspace at The Kiln is an amazing new resource for members, especially for our Sewing Group. Modernising it with up-to-date technology, which many did not even know existed.

What is PDF Pattern Projection?

You have heard of sewing patterns, right? The delicate tissue paper pieces, that you can never fit back into the envelopes you took them out of, carefully cutting out the size you require…. Or you would spend time retracing all the sizes & markings for future use.

Now we have PDF Patterns, which you download, print out, trim them, and tape them together to make a master copy, hoping for them little squares / triangles match up, finding it more and more difficult the more pages you stick together. Spending ages re-tracing the sizes and markings. Then you must find a way of storing all these patterns. It’s not very economical is it, all that printing, but PDF Patterns are a great way to get your hands on a pattern and the internet is full of them. Now people are making PDF patterns with projector friendly files.

So how does it work?

Projectors are used to project an image on a vertical surface, such as a wall. However, when you flip a projector upside down and hang it from the ceiling, you can project an image downwards, which is perfect for PDF pattern projection onto a large cutting mat, where you can place your fabric.

What are the benefits of the Projector?

  • Economical / Eco friendly– After the initial investment there is no requirement to purchase paper and inks.
  • Storage – The projector files are stored on a hard drive, unlike conventional paper patterns that are bulky and require careful storage as they can be delicate.
  • Space saving! – The projector is ceiling mounted so doesn’t take up any workspace and is away from potential accidental damage.
  • Time saving – No need for printing, taping, tracing and cutting to assemble the pattern pieces of the PDF files.
  • New skills – Using new technology, working with computers and having the capabilities of being able to learn new skills with pattern making & potentially being able to design your own patterns.

Why I ended up going Projector!

I’d started hearing a few things here and there, on social media sewing groups I was in, mainly American members, talking about calibrating their projectors for Pattern Projection and how they could never go back, it was such a time saver.

I mainly used PDF Patterns, downloaded off the internet. I have spent many many hours preparing them for use.

Whilst I taped together yet another pattern I’d printed out, for a jumpsuit, it must have been 35 pages of A4! I started thinking…. If I’d have had one of them projectors, I could have been in the process off cutting the fabric out, not still taping the pattern together. I had to get one! It’s true, I’d never look back!

Use of one in action

Members can now download, project, and cut out their projects, and get sewing, it’s that simple. It’s an amazing bit of kit that’s economical, quick, and an easy way to cut your projects out from your fabric! Giving you more time to sew.

This is what one member managed to achieve in one session

This is what she thought about it.

“I’m quite new to sewing and not very confident with it all. However, I wanted to make something for my baby grandson and Jo encouraged me to try out the projector when cutting out my fabric. I couldn’t believe how simple the process was. So much easier than messing about with tracing paper and pins – my fabric pieces were all cut out within minutes so that I could get straight on with sewing. Brilliant! ”  Melanie Gardner, Sew Social Member.

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