Who Are We?

Burgess Hill Creative Community was awarded CIO Status on the 19th June 2023.

Our Charity has been formed from a team of our volunteers who strongly believe in the wide range of benefits that Arts & Crafts bring to the community.

Every person is talented, they may just not know it, yet!

So get your creative hat on, and come to The Kiln and give it a try. You may surprise yourself.

What Do We Do?

Asset to the Community

An affordable place like this is a real benefit in these current times.

Unique Arts & Crafts Facility

Art, Pottery, Sewing, Card Making, Weaving, and hand based creative activities.

Run by Volunteers

We value our volunteers and the time they give, without them, the place wouldn't run.

In Burgess Hill's Centre

Right in the Town Centre, surrounded by car parks and bus routes and a train station.

Holding Events

The Kiln is an amazing affordable space that, if available can be hired subject to certain conditions.

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Where Is The Kiln?

The Kiln is centrally located in the Martlets Shopping Centre, Burgess Hill (opposite New Look!) It has ground floor disabled access & toilets, a Kitchen with Tea Making Facilities and lots of lovely space to create in.

There would be no Kiln without the vision, energy, and skills of The Burgess Hill Shed. The project began three years ago in 2020 with the aim of developing an arts, crafts maker space to enable our community to access and enjoy meaningful activities in a safe and sociable environment.

The project has had its challenges, not least the Pandemic years followed by an economic crisis affecting the whole community. With the lease on the building coming to an end in August, The Shed felt it was time to hand over to another organisation to carry on their aims and ideas.

The core values of the Shed and the Burgess Hill Creative Community are shared ones, we seek to benefit our community, improve the local area, and increase the footfall to the town centre and to create a strong resilient community.

With the Shed’s volunteers working on reconfiguring, renewing and maintaining the building, activities began with Jo’s Sew Social’s all day sessions in July 2021, followed by the Pottery in October 2021, led by Gail. We knew we had a great idea and felt that the town needed a community arts and crafts space. We put the weaving looms in the window and hoped an enthusiastic expert would follow. We waited patiently and then Val and Jenny arrived to share their skills and love for weaving and tapestry. In more recent months we have a very sociable mixed Craft group and a Leather Work group running sessions. We also have an electronics lab for members to access.

Our hope is to build on what we are doing, carry on the great start given to us by the BH-Shed and make our community a better place to live.

These are our top priorities within our Charity.

Increase public expose to, and involvement in, hand based Arts & Crafts activities, broadening the idea of the arts and cultural participation for individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and abilities

Alleviate loneliness as it can lead to all sorts of negative effects on your mental and physical wellbeing.

Social interaction; building relationships whilst creating, in the company of like minded people is a great way to boost your mood, make friends and have fun. 

Equal Opportunities, encouraging inclusivity and respect for a diverse range of values, opinions and cultural differences.

Strengthen & Build Community Capacity by encouraging members to be proactive in participating in local economic and social regeneration

Serve as a Non-profit Community Organisation, that operates for the public benefit and contributes to the wider society through charitable activities and initiatives.

Having an affordable space is crucial. We want to be able to give members access to creative activities which might otherwise be inaccessible to many, especially in the current cost of living crisis.

Our vision for the Burgess Hill Creative Community (BHCC) goes beyond providing opportunities to participate in creative handcrafts to those who might not otherwise be able to access them. We believe that the presence of a thriving and inclusive arts and crafts workspace in the centre of the town could be the catalyst to ignite a new identity for the town itself, moving Burgess Hill from its current malaise as a failing ‘big brands’ retail centre and into an exciting regeneration phase, culminating in it becoming a destination shopping place for smaller, artisan and traditional retailers – in the spirit of Lewes, Brighton’s North Laine, Chichester, Woking and many other small towns nationally who have been successfully reborn with a new focus.

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What does the Future Hold.........

Where Will We Go?

With the looming regeneration of the town, what will happen to us here? Do we have a future? We hope so. There are so many uncertainties.

Does the town need this?
Will we find premises somewhere else?
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